WordPress Themes & Plugins is one of the most familiar topic in net world. But if you’re a beginner then the WordPress and the related terms may find difficult to guess. Am I right? Don’t worry; I’m here to make your concept clear with few words which will be very easy to understand.

Before start discussion on WordPress themes and plugins, you should keep a clear concept on WordPress. Do you know something about WordPress? In simple language, WordPress is the easiest and definitely a very popular way to create any website or blog. The statistic shows that about 29% of entire websites and blogs on the internet are now powered by WordPress. The number of quantity is quite impressive. Isn’t it!!

Let us talk a little more deeply. WordPress is the easiest open source system for content management that’s mean you can easily use the WordPress software for your site if even you are a beginner. The software is licensed under GPLv2 and the content management system is nothing but a tool which allows you to do on WordPress without any knowledge of programming.

You can build any type of website by using WordPress. For example an eCommerce store, business website, blogs, forums, resumes, portfolios, membership site, social networks and anything whatever you like.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

Are you a Beginner? Then thanked WordPress, because it has a big bundle of themes and plugins to make easy modifying your website.

The theme is a software which makes a change on the website look primarily. On the other hand, plugins is also a piece of software which makes a change of website function primarily.  The plugin can be as big as an eCommerce store to as small as a contact form.  At present, there are more than 5,000 free WordPress themes and 50,000 free WordPress plugins. That means you have huge to make your choice!! Let’s discuss in a little more detail.

Wordpress Themes

WordPress Themes:

The WordPress themes makes a change to the design and outlook of the website. Even it may include the site’s layout also. By using the theme you can make changes your site view on front end according to your choice. It is those pages which will visitor see at the time of browsing your site. The outlook is very important because the presence of the site will attract the visitor and an attractive presence able to turn your visitor to the customer on the business website.

How do work WordPress Themes?

At from a very basic level, WordPress themes are a bundle of different collected files whose function is create something what you see and how the site behave by working together.  The main job the theme has done is, it collects the data and content which you stored in WordPress and make a nice display with it on the browser. At the time of building a WordPress theme, you have to decide how will be the look and display. There are many options for your work convenience. For example:

  • There may have many different layouts as a feature in the theme like responsive or static.
  • The theme able to display the content at any place where you want to be displayed.
  • Any theme you choose is very easy to customize.
  • You can also display at anywhere other decorative tools like photos, videos, and more.
  • The theme makes beautiful and eye-catching your site with its bright and excellent and layout.

Benefits of using WordPress Themes

By knowing about WordPress’s work, already you may have guessed that, what kind of benefits you can get from using it. Let’s try to know more specifically.

  • Available: As I said before those more than 5,000 themes are now available, you will be very comfortable to choose your one.
  • Free and affordable: There are many themes are completely free in cost. If you are beginner then why don’t you with one of them? And if you want to use something different from others then there is an option of paid version but don’t panic at all, the cost of the paid version is very affordable.
  • Customizable: This is the best part of WordPress theme I think. Whether you use Word Press theme, you can customize almost every one according to your choice.
  • Bundles of a feature: Almost every theme contains numerous features. And because of these features, you can easily create the best and unique site for your business.
  • User-friendly: The WordPress is such kind of platform which is created by you and for you. That means you don’t need an advanced skill in programming and developing for using it at all.
wordpress plugins

WordPress plugins:

The plugin is nothing but a software which contains a number of functions for adding on a WordPress website. It can mark up the functions and add new features to your blog or website. The WordPress plugin is written in PHP programming language and it is quite easy for the user. Even if you are a beginner you can also customize it on your website without any knowledge of programming.

How do work WordPress plugins?

WardPress Plugin has a wide range of procedures. But before knowing the basic parts of its work, the things you need to know are:

  • From where you can choose your required plugin.
  • Install and customize on your site.
  • Configure it on the website dashboard.

You can do various types of work using the WordPress Plugin on your website. Such as:

  • Use the WooCommerce plugin to create an online store.
  • Build the best business website using directory plugins.
  • Knowledge base plugin use for making a wiki website.
  • Envira Gallery plugin is best for photography website etc.

 Benefits of using WordPress plugins:

If you are a beginner, before using the WordPress plugin you should know what kind of benefits you can get from it.

  • Live chatting option: This feature of the plugin allows contacting directly with the customer to face their all queries.
  • SEO benefits: WordPress is full of a variety of SEO plugins. From these wide varieties, you can get an amazing advantage of pick an effective plugin for your site.
  • Social media share: There a button of social media sharing. You can use it for sharing your all updates like content, photos on Social Media like facebook, twitter etc.
  • Security advantage: This is another amazing benefit to secure your data.  WordPress plugin contains various security features for saving your information and data.

Differences Between Themes & Plugins:

We’ve talked about WordPress themes and plugins in detail. If you have any problem even after knowing then find out the difference between these two. Then hopefully your ideas will be completely clear about them.

  • The theme work for controlling the presence and the plugin work for controlling behavior.
  • The theme makes pleasant the outlook and the plugin increase and modifies the functions of the website.
  • The main job of the theme is attracting visitor and the main job of the plugin is to make easy the use of the website.

Where can you get the best themes and plugins?

The biggest resource of free wordpress theme & plugin is the official website of wordpress.

To find the free theme directory go to: Free WordPress Themes

To find the free plugin directory go to: Free WordPress Plugins

The biggest resource of premium wordpress themes is themeforest where you can find all of your required theme even better than your imagination. Ours reviews on wordpress theme may also help you to find out the best one. Here some articles on different category themes for your better understanding as follows:

In today’s session, I have discussed in brief about the WordPress theme and plugin. I’ve tried to present an absolutely basic thing that can facilitate beginner experience. If you have any questions outside this discussion, please tell us in our comments box. We will reappear with new information soon. So, start using WordPress themes and plugins and give your site a dynamic look. Best of luck!!

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