WordPress Social Media Plugin as well as WordPress share buttons help your website visitor to share the post and content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and more than hundred of social sharing services. It can play an important role in increasing your site’s popularity. For this, you must choose a good and suitable social share plugin for your site.

There may be many problems in the selection of social share plugin. Especially if you are a beginner then it can become more complicated for you. Low or unexpected performance is the main problem of the WordPress Social Media Plugin. These plugins are loaded with additional features and scripts; they may slow down your site. 

To match up these kinds of problems you should find such kind of WordPress Social Media Plugin which can keep the balance between its features and performance on your WordPress blog or website. Usually, all plugins offer the bundle of features but you need not feature-rich software. Basically, most of the feature of the bundle is useless and the only job they make slow down the site. And as you are a beginner, let me tell you that loading time is very much important to grab website visitor.

Do you think we are trying to discourage you? Please do not think that way. We are trying to make you aware of this so that you can choose right plugins & share icon for your website.

For your convenience, we will discuss some of the best WordPress Social Media Plugin here. Hopefully, you can find your desired plugin from below list. Let’s start.

Best WordPress Social Media Plugin & Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons

facebook share button

The easy social share button is a very unique extension for WordPress website and blog. It is awesome to look at and very easy to use and has the functionality of social live chat. It contains almost all powerful features which are expected by WordPress user and expert. This WordPress Social Media Plugin offers you the maximum flexibility to share the post on the most popular and major social networks along with a vast range of mobile messengers with facebook share button . The plugin comes with a compact package of features like 55+ beautiful templates, 30+ sticking and eye-catching animations and 30+ automatic design positions. This WordPress plugin is expert to cover each and every possible location for showing social share button.


Flow-Flow — Wordpress Social Media Buttons

social share plugin

Flow-Flow is a premium and awesome social media plugin which display the social feeds on a very beautiful responsive gallery. You can make any type of combinations of these feeds with Flow-Flow. Such as, you can mix the feed of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the same stream. It is a perfect alternative on the basis of functionality among the others extension of similar rate. It can deliver content very fast without taking any page loading time. The Flow-Flow is responsive and works very well on Smartphone. It has in total 40+ different feed types, amazing, isn’t it!  Trust me; you will get a fantastic unified design of posts, share icon, image, and videos through this extension.


Social Locker for WordPress

share button

Social Locker for WordPress is such kind of extension which creates extreme attraction to click on social share button among the visitor. If your site is very interesting and admirers of great content, then it can be seen that many visitors are getting but they are not sharing posts. They don’t because they do not need to think about the traffic and benefits of your site. You should give them the reason why should they share this. Social Locker for WordPress will create this reason on behalf of you.  The extension saves your most attractive website content at backward some social buttons and the screen is keep showing until the visitor will do any work on it. It helps to increase followers and traffic on your site.


Instagram Feed

instagram share button

The Instagram Feed is a premium plugin which usually uses to build pleasant galleries of the Instagram image. The plugin offers 10 color schemes and 60+ adaptable parameters for adjusting the Instagram gallery according to your demand. This extension is fully responsive to other devices like Smartphone to attract your website visitors. The key features of Instagram Feed – WordPress Instagram Gallery are the unlimited source, most wanted filters, limit numbers of photos, full control of size, flexible UL customization, it looks like you wants, and 21 language support. It’s not over here, there’s more. Such as infinite scrolling with mousewheel, call to action button and specific layout for mobile device etc.


Pinterest Automatic

wordpress social media plugin

The Pinterest Automatic is a very active plugin which can drive more than similar other extensions. That’s why this plugin is very popular. The plugin will pin your images from all post to pinterest.com automatically. In this sense, after installing the plugin you do not have to do anything else. It is a feature-rich extension. It comes with a bundle of feature like pin unlimited number of images, automatic Image detection, queuing System, supported tags, custom post types support, WooCommerce support,  pin full sized WordPress images from thumbnails,  custom jQuery selector, custom taxonomies, spintax enabled, post featured image as a pin, scheduled posts support, cron job,  proxy support, excluded categories, automatic excerpt generation, exclude small images, flexible tags number,  random pin interval, automatic updates, detailed action log etc.


Social Share & Locker Pro

social share buttons

The Social Share & Locker Pro is one of the best social share plugins for among the similar category extension for WordPress. It was built for meeting all needs and increase more share of the website or blog. Among the other similar social share plugin available on the market, it offers the most depth of option of the WordPress site. It has multiple sharing buttons, followers’ buttons, different display showcases, and social content locker. The key features of the extension are fast loading, total shares, responsive theme, animation show up, CSS3 hover effects, mobile special template, custom position, custom shared content, responsive column layout, 2 align types, counts features, ShortCode locker and many more.


YouTube Plugin

social buttons

YouTube is the easiest way to get your post at the start of the public at present. This extension prepares the website for displaying on YouTube videos in the perfect way. It is one of the most powerful plugins for YouTube which tour website need. By using this extension, you can select the desired channels. It has 16 language support and 4 color schemes as well as can download 100+ adjustable parameters. That means you can customize a lot of things. The key features are any YouTube content at your command, turn to demonstrate into impressing, arrange your videos nicely, unlimited style customization, turn views into profit with adSence, fully compatible with WordPress and many more.



social share plugin wordpress

The SocialFans is a very popular premium WordPress plugin. This plugin is fully responsive for the social counter. For displaying your post to your regular visitors, and followers it adds the social link with your website and blog. The easiest way to increase traffic and profit is to build large-scale followers. SocialFans can do this job very well. The key features of this WordPress plugin are retina ready, animated effects, translation ready, animations work with touch screens, last week count for each social network, lazy load for faster and better performance, fully responsive, cross-browser, unlimited choices to create your own skin, fit any of sidebars width, shortcode ready and many more.


Arqam – Social Counter Plugin

social media buttons

The Arqam is one of the best retina responsive WordPress plugin which nicely adds all social links to any website. This plugin is quite fast and very easy to use. You have to just install and then start checking! Immediate after activation, it added the dashboard menu. The extension is loaded with various attractive features. One of the best of them is the drag and drop functionality. It contains some more feature like responsive, displays counts for social share, caching option, rounded and square icons, grid and list, cross-browser compatible, retina icons, stores values if APIs fail, vertical and horizontal layouts, and more!


AX Social Stream

wordpress share buttons

Are you looking for such kind of social share plugin which can easily combine you all social networking activities into a single stream and display your site? Then AX Social Stream will be your best choice. By using it you can build a social media stream along with all social networks and display them into six different formats. It supports almost 35 feed options and 17 social networks. The main features of AX Social Stream are 6  different display modes, Plugin licensing and one year of automatic updates, stylish output, modern layout, fully functional backend, rotating feeds, timeline layouts, infinite scrolling, Ability to order the filter network icons and many more.


WordPress Share Buttons including Facebook Button

facebook social plugin

The WordPress Social Share Buttons is a fantastic plugin which allows your site visitor to share the post at various social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Whatsapp, Reddit and many more. This is the most simple and smooth Social Share plugin with a very modern and premium look. The extension is full of various attractive features like GDPR compliant, Social Media follow icons, FREE Icon Customization options, Share counter customization options, Url shortening service integration, rearrange order of social share icons, mobile responsiveness, official-like buttons, compatible with BuddyPress, BBPress, WooCommerce, supports HTTPS-enabled websites, compatible with AMP, widgets and shortcodes, customizable target Url for social sharing etc.


Social Auto Poster

custom facebook share button

The Social Auto Poster is an excellent choice if you want an auto post of your content at different popular social media network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Buffer App, WhatsApp etc. For grabbing maximum audience you can post your new content along with repost your previous content by using this extension. It is full with various attractive feature like auto-post new content, supports custom post types, configure unlimited of each social media, scheduled posting, hashtags from tags or categories, total control over social media shares, URL shorteners, logs tracking, posting statistics, category wise posting, exclude category, share your post more than once, customize message format, publish a single WordPress Post, unique URL etc.


NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger

facebook button

The NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress is a facebook social plugin with custom facebook share button & whatsapp share button . It’s work like as an instant service provider. It takes only a few minutes to install, and immediately after installing you will get the blue logo of Facebook Messenger and facebook share button on your website page. The visitor will get an advantage with this plugin to ask anything about your services and products. This easy messaging system will help you to build a customer-rich platform for business. The key features of this plugin are easiest and fastest way to connecting, never miss any potential customer, boost your sales and grow your business, compatible with WooCommerce, all language supported, get notified immediately, increase your fans page like, easy setup and fully customizable and many more.


WordPress Instagram Widget

wordpress share plugin

The Instagram Widget is of the best plugin of WordPress for displacing your Instagram account. It can display photos according to the username in a simple but very attractive widget. The Instagram Widget is fully responsive, user-friendly and flexible extension. It comes with a bundle of attractive features. It contains 20+ functions in InstaLink for giving you maximum impressions. Moreover it can draw more attention of visitor with its high-quality tool to your Instagram profile. As a result, you numbers of visitor, followers, and fans will increase dynamically. Moreover, you can install it as a gallery for decorating your website or blog.  It is featured with fit InstaLink to any screen resolution, set the required Instagram username, Additional customization facilities etc.


Instagram Journal

share icon

The Instagram Journal is the most powerful, versatile and eye-catching Instagram plugin with instagram share button that you ever use. It is only the Instagram feed which truly uses the entire power of the Instagram API. It displays almost everything related to your photos like photos you’ve liked, photos of your friend’s account, photos with a particular hashtag etc. Using this plugin you can design your WordPress website with a beautiful gallery with photos. The main features of this extension are refined & perfected codebase, Instagram contest mode, multiuser Instagram feed mode, multi-tag Instagram feed mode, location Instagram feed mode, user liked Instagram feed mode, classic view, college carousel view, infinity view, photo limit control, responsive HD video, fully customizable carousels etc.


AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

wordpress social media plugin

The AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro is a popular WordPress plugin which job is displayed the Instagram feeds according to your desired layouts. It is a perfect extension to display your Instagram feeds and increase your network. You just have to use a shortcode or widget for displaying Instagram feed at your required location on the web page. The main features of this plugin support Instagram user, add Instagram follow widgets, options to choose number of rows and columns, options to display likes and comment counts, translation ready, option to enable lightbox, option to choose theme accent color, 15 different layout to choose, cross-browser compatibility, counter display format options and many more.


AccessPress Social Auto Post

wordpress share buttons

The AccessPress Social Auto Post is another best and perfect extension for auto posting your website content to the popular social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  The plugin allows you to configure multiple social profiles as well as post on them. The meaning of that, you can post content from more than one Facebook account. The posting process is very easy and fully automated. The plugin is full with attractive features such as facebook auto post, configure unlimited account of each social media, the auto post of new posts, custom post types, ability to enable and disable each account, post format selection ability for Facebook, message format configuration ability, a clean & user friendly admin interface etc.


AccessPress Twitter Feed Pro

twitter share button

This plugin is a completely free Twitter plugin with twitter share button for your WordPress and blog. By using widgets or shortcode you can show the actual time of Twitter feeds at any location on your WordPress website or blog through this plugin. You can also show the tweets as a slider or a feed. It is very easy to install and take only a few minutes to set up. The main features of this plugin are fetched latest tweets from any account, caching option to prevent frequent API calls, display tweets in slider, option to show/hide full username, user friendly, super support, free updates, configurable number of tweets to display, 3 beautiful design templates to choose from and many more.


AccessPress Social Pro

whatsapp share button

The AccessPress Social Pro is very popular premium social share plugin of wordpress which allows everyone to share easily their website content like the post, image on the most famous social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Linkedin etc. It displays your post to your visitors, followers, a subscriber in a very nice way. It comes with a bundle of feature like 20 social profiles available, 5 soothing animations, latest use of APIs to fetch data, display order for selected social media, dark and light design themes available, wide share, great viral, fully Responsive, highly customizable, user friendly and very interactive user interface, auto updates on all APIs and many more.


Here we discussed on 20 best social share plugin for your website. Even if you are a beginner, you have understood the importance of social share of website posts. We hope the article will help you to pick the best plugin for your site and you can do many more with it. So, best of luck to do something awesome. 

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