We are often asked by beginners “What is WordPress?”,”What are the advantages of WordPress?”, “What is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?” and so on. However if you have similar type questions in your mind then this content is just for you! Keep going forward….

advantages of wordpress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most famous tool to create websites. It can create any style of the website. It could be a simple blog, or maybe a full-featured business website. There are several plugins available for WordPress. WooCommerce plugin is one of them. With that plugin, it is possible to create an online store using WordPress.

It is worth mentioning that WordPress is written in PHP. This is one of the most popular scripting languages for general purposes. It is also paired with MySQL or MariaDB database. Although the main purpose of WordPress was to serve as a blog publishing system. But later, it gave support to other web contents as well.

However, WordPress was primarily released on May 27th, 2003. American developer ‘Matt Mullenweg’ and English developer ‘Mike Little’ were the founders. It was released under the license of GPLv2. More than 60 million websites use WordPress regularly. This includes more than 33% of the top 10 million websites until April 2019.

Furthermore, WordPress might be useful for other application domains as well. For instance: A pervasive display system also known as PDS. It is also the most renowned content management system solutions. The main advantage of using WordPress is that anyone can use of modifying it for free.

Advantages of WordPress!

People and many business organizations are using WordPress regularly. This is highly preferable because it has lots of options to customize. So that users can modify and rearrange anything up to their liking or preferences. Some of the benefits of using WordPress are given below:

1# Flexibility:

WordPress was meant to support blogging and other related kinds of online publishing. But it also supports a wide range of purposes. Large multinational corporations use WordPress to run their complex sites. WordPress can contain full-service eCommerce stores. It can also showcase a portfolio, host any social network, group or podcasts.

WordPress can meet the requirements of any company with the variation of their packages. There are basic and premium plugins that are most suitable for websites. Additionally, WordPress is capable of adapting to the changing needs of the company.

2# User-Friendly:

It is possible to install and up and run any WordPress site without any technical expertise. The beginners find it extremely comfortable and user-friendly. Users only need a domain name alongside a web hosting account. They can install it for free. From there, an admin dashboard will appear. All the customization options and other features will be available there.

3# Variety of Themes: 

WordPress offers a wide range of themes to its users. It helps the user to pick any one of them for fine-tuning the appearance of their new sites. Every theme comes with a variety of different functions as well. The basic and premium plugins have a large and growing directory for themes.

Some of the themes and features are not available for free. Users need to purchase it. But they can preview all the themes live and install them at any time. The themes make the appearance of the site more appealing.

4# The functionality of Extended Plugins: 

WordPress contains all the essential elements to create basic sites. But sometimes, users prefer more exclusive functions. It is related to the specific needs of the site.

On the requirements, the WordPress plugin directory offers a wide range of plugins. All of them are identical to each other offering different features. Small pieces of code make a difference in them.

The users can add features including shopping carts, contact forms, galleries and many more in a WordPress site using different plugins. They can also purchase different custom plugins from third-party developers of course.

5# Mobile Responsive: 

It is worth mentioning that mobile responsiveness is considered one of the major factors in Google rankings. So any website must look good on any device. WordPress offers a wide range of responsive theme designs. By the usage of those, users can make static sites much responsive to different plugins.

Websites That WordPress Can Make

Since WordPress is no longer a blog creating service, it has offered a wide range of support in creating traditional websites. The core codes of WordPress have changed. Moreover, they have brought changes in their ecosystem of themes and different plugins. Thus, creating any kind of website is possible with WordPress. Nonetheless, they have given support to a huge number of business sites as well as blogs. It is also useful in creating eCommerce stores. With WordPress, it is possible to create the following sites:

As WordPress comes with a variety of plugins and themes, users can make and customize anything they wish.

difference between wordpress com and wordpress org

Difference Between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

To sum up, WorPress.org is called self-hosted WordPress. On the other hand, WordPress.com is mainly for paid services. WordPress.org software powers this service. Users do not get much flexibility as self-hosting in WordPress.com. 

WordPress.org and WordPress.com are two different entities. WordPress.org is an open-source and the non-profit WordPress Foundation manages it. The users only need purchasing their domain name and web host. Then they can have full control. But WordPress.com is mainly for profit business. It is more costly and less flexible.


WordPress.com usually ranges from fully free to 24.92 USD per month. If the user is using the free plan, the website will be a subdomain of WordPress.com. Moreover, it will display a lot of WordPreess.com ads. It can be annoying to some users. Another disadvantage of a free plan is that the user will get limited storage space. If users choose the paid plan, they will be able to use their domain name and remove ads.

Final Words

WordPress is widely used by big businesses, individuals and everyone in between. Since it is easy to install, have lots of customization options, a variety of plugins; people prefer WordPress the most. Even the White House and Microsoft use WordPress. No matter what type of website anyone wants, they can always rely on WordPress.

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