If you are thinking of creating a website that offers online training courses (e-Learning) and you are looking for a plugin that allows you to have a complete wordpress learning management system and delivery of online education courses for your students, you will be interested in this article about what are surely the Best WordPress eLearning Plugin (WordPress LMS Plugin) for online learning courses.

What are WordPress eLearning Plugin (WordPress LMS Plugin)? How are they used? What is the LMS? What are learning management systems?

First, let’s clarify the concepts.

When we talk about WordPress eLearning Plugin (WordPress LMS Plugin), we refer to a type of software, normally installed on a web server that allows the creation of a virtual campus for training on the network. Although their technical name is that, they are commonly known as e-learning platforms.

LMS platforms are used in universities, training centers and companies to manage users, provide teaching materials, monitor the learning process, prepare reports, etc.

If you plan to teach some type of training in the network, but you do not know how to start sharing your knowledge. I show you in this post.

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Open-source or Commercial e-learning platforms? What do they mean?

As in all cases, on the Internet you have endless possibilities. To manage your e-learning platform, the possibilities are also very broad.

There are two major groups: free or open source e-learning platforms and commercial platforms, within the latter you can distinguish several payment possibilities. I explain it to you:

Open source e-learning platforms, that is, when we say open source we refer to a type of software that is designed to be freely distributed and developed. The license of an open source software is part of the public domain.

A factor to be taken into account is that, although their use and distribution are free, a posterior costs may arise for the maintenance of the platform or that it is necessary to hire qualified personnel, etc. Among the most used open source we find: Moodle, Canvas, Chamilo, Sakai or the WordPress eLearning Plugin (WordPress LMS Plugin), among others.

And within LMS Commercials, there present two interesting alternatives, depending on the payment method.

E-learning platforms pay per use (in the cloud), is one of the alternatives that is being used most lately. In these cases, the subscriber pays according to the use that he will give to the platform. For example, you pay based on the number of active students on the platform, courses, modules, etc.

E-learning platforms for payment by license are LMS platforms that do not have the free code, so you have to pay for the license of use. In these cases a specific time is paid, which can be from a month to a year. During the time you have the license, you can use the platform for an unlimited number of people and teach as many courses and modules as you need. Within the commercial LMS, the best known and used is BlackBoard, but there are others such as: eDucativa, FirstClass, Saba or NEO LMS.


Top 6 Best WordPress eLearning Plugin (WordPress LMS Plugin)

Building a learning management system is not an easy task and, if you do not have a lot of money to sink into the effort, starting with a premium theme is the best way to go. You will not find a free theme that is powerful enough to do the job, and while there are free plugins available, the LMS premium themes are cheap enough that they are the most sensible starting point. This type of product is priced four or five times higher a little more than five years ago.

As expected, there are not many topics available in this niche market, so our list is quite short this time. Fortunately, all the issues that are available are strong contenders. They all look beautiful, and they all include the characteristics of must-have to sell knowledge online.

This list of WordPress eLearning Plugin (WordPress LMS Plugin) that we have compiled features that will give you the ability to create and offer online training, as well as interesting features such as easy creation of courses, detailed profiles of teachers and students, certificates after completion of courses, tests of knowledge evaluation, evaluation of the course by the student, etc.

Although in principle these best lms for wordpress can work well on most WordPress themes, there are premium themes specifically developed to integrate WordPress plugins for online course management systems properly.  Some of them even include them for free as part of the theme itself, allowing you to save time, effort and future surprises when you try to put them to work on your website.


01# Good LMS

wordpress lms plugin

Good LMS is a premium wordpress learning management system (LMS) plugin from popular GoodLayers developers. With Good LMS, you can create courses and lessons, add quizzes, set prerequisites, allow users to register and set a fee for accessing the course. Using this LMS plugin, it is as easy as creating a WordPress post or page – Good LMS uses its own custom post types for lessons.

Students can access the toolbar to keep track of their progress and share their grades on social networks. Quizzes can be sorted automatically, or manually. Good LMS seamlessly integrates with Paypal, allowing you to get paid for courses. Course analytics is also available with powerful reporting features that give you an overview of your content, ratings, and students registered on the site. Other great features include badges and achievements, question banks and quick user registration through WordPress user roles.

Price: starts at $32 per license for one site with unlimited updates.

Pros: Seamlessly integrates with Paypal, Stripe, Paymill for selling course content.

Cons: Payment gateway integration can be difficult for beginners.

Bottom line: Good LMS is a powerful and flexible best lms for wordpress that easily integrates with most popular payment gateway for selling online courses. Although there are fewer features compared to other LMS plugins, Good LMS is easy to configure.



02# Ultimate Learning Pro

wordpress elearning plugin

Ultimate Learning Pro is a powerful LMS plugin that is highly customizable and offers a large selection of add-ons that allow you to create and sell your courses and integrate with popular applications. An intuitive drag-and-drop designer allows you to create multi-level courses with modules, lessons, and categories, providing flexibility for small courses or more complex multimedia training programs. Courses can be made up of various multimedia elements (for example video, audio, text, images, etc.). You can also create various quizzes to evaluate student learning and set a time limit for passing quizzes. Lessons can be uploaded in the form of worksheets, e-books, PDF files; audio and other file formats for offline learning. Students can track their progress with their profiles. Multiple teachers can be added to courses and train in a team. Other features include forums, private coaching, certificates, and achievements. Ultimate Learning Pro can accept student payments with PayPal and Stripe as a one-time payment, subscriptions, and recurring payments.

Price: $39 each for one site or an extended license for $204 for one site.

Pros: Powerful and flexible setup wizard helps you get started quickly.

Cons: No cons found yet.

Bottom line: Ultimate Learning Pro is a very flexible online learning plugin that can be easily extended with add-ons. The installation wizard will help you get started with the demo course so that you can start creating the first course in a few minutes.



03# Edivently LMS

wordpress learning management system

Edivently LMS is a new WP LMS plugin built for simple and intuitive e-learning websites. Unlike most other WordPress LMS plug-in options, this learning plugin wordpress allows you to create courses using regular drag and drop. You can create classes consisting of an unlimited number of modules and quizzes that you can easily organize. You can schedule a quiz or quiz publication for a specific date. A good feature of this plugin is the ability to convert existing posts and WordPress pages into course units. You can also set conditions: students must complete one of your courses before accessing others. Quizzes are the main feature of this LMS plugin, and they are interestingly implemented. There are many options that you can include in your quizzes, several types of questions, synchronized quizzes, random questions and answers, downloadable results, as well as the ability to set passing points and limits on the retake. Edivently LMS is fully compatible with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and many other popular plugins and applications so you can easily sell your courses. Other notable features include textbooks that detail student results and progress, advanced student management, course certificates, customizable email notifications, and teacher roles.

Price: Starts at $10 for a license for a regular license.

Pros:  Easy to use, simple and flexible.

Cons: Lack of built-in support for payment systems and some other features.

Bottom line: Edivently LMS is a good option for creating and selling courses online. The drag and drop function makes it very easy to set up courses. There is no built-in support for accepting payments, and for beginners, there will be a certain difficulty in organizing e-commerce.



04# Academy LMS

best lms plugin for wordpress

Academy LMS is a powerful premium wordpress learning management system. This plugin is very functional. You can create multi-level courses that include lessons, topics, advanced quizzes, and categories. Content can be shared so that you can customize the pace of student learning.

Lessons can be calculated so that you can set the minimum amount of time that a student must spend on each lesson. There is a more powerful admin panel ProPanel, for expanded access, you must additionally pay. But even if you don’t do this, the basic functions of the administrator are more than enough: reliable student and task management, email notifications, public and private forums, class books for synchronizing quizzes, tasks and manual sorting, detailed reports and analytics, and also the opportunity to award points, badges and certificates.

If you want to sell your courses, Academy LMS integrates with WooCommerce for courses, subscriptions, memberships and course packages. You can even create a course site, like, Udemy. Several payment systems are available, including PayPal and Stripe. Other features worth mentioning: you can use any kind of multimedia, including video and audio; it is compatible with Multisite and looks great on mobile devices.

As part of the courses you have created, you can require students to upload their assignments / tasks, which can be reviewed and approved manually. Teachers can also offer their feedback in real time with the student, which increases the interaction between trainer and student.

Academy LMS also offers the possibility of offering partial contents of the courses, through the establishment of schedules to let the rest of the contents be visualized for the students who have registered.

As it supports multiple payment gateways, you have the maximum earning option. You will not miss any students due to payment gateway limitations.

Academy LMS is a WP LMS plugin that should work correctly with any WordPress premium theme, it is also 100% adapted to all types of mobile devices.

Price: starts at $35 for a single site license with 6 months of support and upgrades.

Pros: Multi-functional, easy to use, flexible and offers many options for integration with third-party plug-ins.

Cons: Maybe the price? Although compared to other LMS plugins, LearnDash is available for what it offers.

Bottom line: Academy LMS is a powerful and easy to configure option that offers a full range of functions. If you are serious about selling online courses, Academy LMS has everything you need and more.



05# Fitness Trainer LMS (WordPress Training Course Plugin)

wordpress training course plugin

Fitness Trainer is one of the best lms plugin for wordpress whose name describes why it was developed. Its role is to help fitness trainers offer fitness classes online. It installs all the pages you need to use it.

Its features include WooCommerce and the most popular payment gateways, a very responsive layout, the ability to create any type of registration, support for MailChimp, from WPML and others. It includes the features specially needed for a fitness class. For example, it includes a calendar for training, a calendar for detox, and many more.

This is a very easy to use LMS plugin, install it and send your members in search of performance.

Once Fitness Trainer is installed on your WordPress, you can easily create courses, write lessons, and add questionnaires. In each course and lesson you can include requirements that the student has to meet before they can start, such as having completed a previous course.

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This plugin integrates perfectly with WooCommerce, providing you with a powerful set of tools that will allow you to sell your content online through various payment methods.

Price: $39 for a regular license.

Pros: Multifunctional and customizable.

Cons:  As it focused mainly on the fitness industry, you will not be able to create a universal e-learning website.

Bottom line: Fitness Trainer is a multifunctional LMS, a bit complicated to set up, but there is an intuitive control.



06# WPLMS (eLearning WordPress Plugin)

wordpress lms plugin

WPLMS is the new Learning Management System WordPress Plugin. It provides all the standard features for you to start your own online course website. This LMS plugin is very simple to use and focuses on the features that you need most.

WPLMS allows you to create unlimited numbers of courses. As an instructor, you can upload resources to course at any time. Then you student can download that resources. In addition, you student also can upload any document for the instructor to review.

The plugin supports the drip feed content. You can keep adding resources to course at any time. Moreover, you can create quiz to the course to assess your student how they are performing.

Not only this, you can block any of the content at any time for anybody to access to that content.

In the course outline, students can view the preview of any lecture.

WPLMS supports self-hosted video. You can also use the embedded video like YouTube and Vimeo video.

Price: The plugin is available to download for 40 USD. You will get free support for 6 months.

Pros: It is very simple and focuses on the main features and eliminates the distraction with less features.

Cons: While the plugin is simple but the price is high comparing to the features. It could have more features or lower the price.


What do you think of these LMS plugin? Have I missed any of the plugin you know? If there is one that you use, you can tell us in the comment below.

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