Are you troubled for searching the best & prominent WordPress Plugins on your website? Don’t awe. Just concentrate on this review.

Plugins are essential for a theme to maximize its usability. Page Builder Plugins, Slider Plugins, SEO Plugins, Grid Gallery plugins, Mega Menu Plugins, Social share plugins, Popup plugins etc are the most popular plugins of wordpress theme. We have arranged best wordpress plugins as per popularity and uasability of the plugins.

Some premium themes contain some prebuilt plugin but one can add any plugins as per requirement of his website. Plugins can accelerate the traffic and it can increase level of user experience. In some cases a page builder plugin can totally change the outlook of a website.

Now, we are going to focus on the top 10 best WordPress plugins in 2020. We will provide you accurate data about these plugins, which are the most popular and user-friendly.

Let’s outset.

Best WordPress plugins in 2020

Though there are different plugins for WordPress, we present here best and highly recommend 10 plugins. Flip through the below.

List of WordPress plugins

  1. WPBakery Page Builder
  2. Slider Revolution 
  3. LayerSlider 
  4. UberMenu 
  5. Ultimate Addons 
  6. EventOn
  7. Essential Grid Gallery 
  8. Ninja Popups 
  9. RoyalSlider 
  10. Easy Social Share Buttons

1# WPBakery Page Builder for WordPressBest WordPress Plugins

Highlighted features

  • 100% responsive 
  • Different colors
  • Easy to install 
  • SEO friendly
  • Available customizations
  • Strong shortcodes.

With the more powerful visually & one of the most selling plugins name is WP Bakery Page Builder for WordPress. If you want to build the standard and tricky setups to use a drag and drop process, this WPBakery comes to meet your demands. Why? Well, it provides you some unique things like to enjoy the unlimited colors options, super easy establishment benefits, functional theme, and more.

However, WPBakery Page Builder is one of the most popular and real page builders plugins for WordPress that is also known as Visual Composer. Alternatively, from CodeCanyon, the overdue version of the plugin provides you with actual 60 predefined designs which permit you to formulate not only gorgeous layouts but yet faster setups.

Most importantly, it allows you to include with the page columns, image galleries, rows, accordions, text blocks, and even Facebook like boxes. Finally, using this page builder plugin you can get more control for designing your website as well as all types of posts.

What’s the importance?

  • It is one of the best page builder plugins.
  • It works to add any theme.
  • You can execute the more complex layouts.
  • It supports all major browsers.
  • Super easy for users interface.


2# Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Pluginslider revolution wordpress plugin

Highlighted Features

  • Customization supported
  • Latest visual correspondent
  • Numerous templates
  • Responsive layouts
  • Many content sources 
  • Media support 

Do you want to create dynamic and unique content on your WordPress website? The Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress plugin is a sure bet. It offers you to build a block with your favorable website. However, the most important thing is that it highlights your current campaign as well as helps to attract newcomers to your website.

Yet, this Slider Revolution Plugin enables establishing the highest quality & excellent carousels and sliders that are free from many hassles. If you expect, you can create the thousands of articles & expansion on your WordPress website which are applicable in the Slider Plugin.

Another unique feature is that you get vast commercial alternatives as well as bug fixes, quality code, and even modern enhancements. Also, building content modules and full-fledged WordPress websites by applying it’s the build-in editor. In a nutshell, using Slider Revolution Plugin you can include any links, images, text, or videos and even fantastic animations, styles & timing on your website.

What’s the importance?

  • It is one of the best plugins for providing you superb easy options.
  • This plugin supports using eleven several content sources.
  • You can also customize everything on your WordPress website.
  •  It’s layout options aid in creating great sliders.


3# LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider PluginBest WordPress Plugins

Highlighted Features

  • 100% responsive elements
  • Tons of layouts options 
  • Multiple layers of choices 
  • SEO friendly
  • Free updates 
  • Support customization

Are you searching for an excellent slider plugin for creating slides on websites? The LayerSlider WP Plugin is the best one for you. How? Well, this plugin comes with an overdue software technology that promotes you to make gorgeous slides formations.

If you want to add an amazing animation on your blog posts, you can be done. Still, this plugin offers you building complex layouts by using audio and video slides or images. Along with the fantastic CSS3 transitions, it’s smooth hardware comes with awesome things.

Further, this LayerSlider Plugin allows you lazy loading images that aid for better achievement. On the other hand, powerful API, multiple folders, and free slide evolution gallery all features are available in this plugin. So, from this, you get the necessary things easily and quickly what you needed to your WordPress website.

What’s the importance?

  • It gives you first-class performance.
  • The plugin supports you to build media-rich slides.
  • You also enjoy an unlimited variation from this plugin.
  • Easy to understand any documents and SEO friendly.


4# UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Highlighted Features

  • Completely Responsive
  • Works with the WordPress 3 Menu System
  • Multiple styles presets
  • User-friendly
  • Highly customizable
  • Slide & fade outcomes

Another well-known and best WordPress plugins name is UberMenu- WordPress Mega Menu Plugin. It does with the WordPress 3 menu system while launching in simply. But presently this plugin provides you more power about how to build highly customized quickly. 

Nonetheless, using this UberMenu you can establish the beautiful and gorgeous mega menu layouts on your WordPress website with a very short period. There are columns, rows, tabs, icons, maps, forms and more varied options available in the plugin. So what you need or needn’t, that’s only your decision. 

UberMenu add-ons 50 crucial unique icons and helps to keep customers’ attention on your site and increase. Finally, you can get a ton of variety to set up and design your blogs, posts or pages. So, it is one of the CSS-based customize WordPress plugin menu.

What’s the importance?

  • 50 configurable settings options are available.
  • UberMenu offers to include descriptions of your menu sections.
  • It permits you to plop any custom posts or taxonomy terms into your menu.
  • Easy to understand it’s an internal process.


5# Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

Highlighted features

  • Multilayer hover parallax
  • Numerous free icons
  • Awesome elements
  • Beautiful clean code
  • CSS3 effects animations
  • Fully responsive

One of the top WordPress plugins names is Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder that comes with unlimited features. Do you imagine what’s features? Well, the most fundamental feature of it’s adding some premium and dynamic ingredients that are perfect & fully responsive to any device even differently but awesomely.

However, this WPBakery is also identified as a Visual Composer builder. If you wish, you can select any icons on your WordPress website from the 3500+ free icons. It’s just awesome. On the other hand, vertical parallax, multilayer hover parallax, horizontal scroll effects, and more things also stand in this Visual Composer.

Finally, this WPBakery considers 15+ new outlines as well as 10+ major updates since 2018.  Alternatively, it works with getting some time for maintaining all things simply and accurately.

 What’s the importance?

  • Using it you can get a great experience.
  • This plugin comes with the premium elements for introducing you to some awesome things.
  • Easy to maintain this.
  • It supports some effective animations and icons.


6# EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to alter even card
  • Responsive layout
  • Different language supporter
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent design
  • It provides flexibility usage.

Like other plugins, EventOn – WordPress Event Calendar Plugin is famous for its some exceptional things. Are you choosing to put in calendars for your WordPress website? Haven’t waited. This EventOn is the best one that you wanted. It is not hard to use, just simplicity.

Nevertheless, it comes with a ton of unique features for users. The most important thing is that it is excellent for webmasters. Why? Just because it aids website admins to include any event calendar or diagram into their WordPress sides. On the other hand, you don’t avoid this EventOn for creating on the business & organization events calendars.

Further, you can use PayPal & Eventbrite for business purposes that are permitted in the EventOn plugin. It also supports your heightening in visitors’ attention to your new organization events. Its minimalist design provides you a great experience for adding or creating events calendars on your sites.

What’s the importance?

  • Using this plugin you can easily modify the appearance of the calendar.
  • It is easy to transfer all EventCard Data Fields.
  • You can also use a clean tile design.
  • This plugin is specially formulated for creating awesome event calendars. 


7# Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin

Highlighted Features

  • Multiple layouts
  • Skin choosing options 
  • Visual skin editor
  • Essential developer tools
  • Easily moving themes
  • Column number setting

Finding some special things to create the exclusive WordPress website, move through the Essential Grid Gallery that is one kind of premium plugin. If you expect numerous video, image, and audio galleries for adding your site, you can get all by using this. However, this plugin allows three several formats such as Masonry, Cobbles, and Even.

Like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Quincy, Monroe, and much more choosing skins are available in Essential Grid Plugin. You can select anyone to set up your site. On the other hand, it supports you to join the large social media explosions. So, you can create a perfect fashionable gallery grid.

Alternatively, Essential Grid allows for altering your skin, grid, theme, and metadata from one to another WordPress, just easily and quickly! 

What’s the importance?

  • One of the best plugins for constructing a gorgeous gallery.
  • Using this you can easily fix your column number.
  • It also supports you to filter data in the grid gallery.
  • This plugin comes with a lot of additional skins for WordPress.


8# Popup Plugin for WordPress – Ninja Popups

Highlighted Features

  • Easy popups layouts
  • Beautiful popups design 
  • Excellent customizable
  • Free updates
  • Social media supported
  • Strong locker

Do you prefer to lock your WordPress website’s document by using popup plugins? Needn’t hustle. Luckily, Ninja Popups plugin comes to fulfill your expectations. And, this is the most popular plugin for creating popups on the website easily.

However, this Ninja Popups is designed for converting more visitors on your website and holding them until they subscribe or share content. So, Using this you can increase your subscribers, social followers, and related items if you want. Because this WordPress plugin works in an amazing way of grabbing customers’ attention. Alternatively, you can get a ton of popup options to use on mobile.

The most significant feature of the Ninja Popups is to focus on the popups which are aiding and which aren’t. Finally, you can get different popups facilities and also MailChimp, GetResponse, JetPack, and many more popular mailing systems popups for WordPress.

What’s the importance?

  • The Ninja Popups come to provide you high-quality leading.
  • Using this you can enhance your mailing list.
  • This is one of the best WordPress plugins for locking your content and much more.
  • It is easy to set up and haul any important data.


9# RoyalSlider – Touch Content Slider for WordPress

Highlighted Features

  • SEO friendly
  • Stylish lazy-loading
  • Fully responsive layouts
  • Multiple sliders allowed
  • Smart autoplay 
  • Full-screen feature

Succeeding another best WordPress plugin name is Royal Slider that comes with touch swipe navigation, support for Android 2.3+, iOS, IE10, IE11, and more. If you want,  you can create an awesome image gallery as well as HTML content. Don’t panic, if you are a mobile user. Fully custom slideshows and css3 banner rotators are qualified to establish videos, images, and HTML content in slides.

Some major features like automatically discard unexpected slides, easily move transition, vertical or smooth thumbnails, and also aboriginal HTML5 fullscreen permission. 

Further, you can create the photo gallery perfectly by showing the high-resolution photography supported. Alternatively, this RoyalSlider allows you with various skins for the numerous sliders and includes photoshop files for necessary. Where four special skins can be edited operating CSS. For creating video galleries you can also use YouTube or images videos as your wish.

What’s the importance?

  • For each slide, you use images or HTML content.
  • This plugin supports the HTML5 fullscreen & IE10 touch.
  • You get the best experience for it’s better performance & stability with any device.
  • It works as fast as current technology.


10# Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPressBest WordPress Plugins

Highlighted Features

  • Shunning design options
  • Many networks support
  • Endless choosing
  • Super customization
  • More sharing options

Are you looking for a perfect social sharing plugin? You stay in the right place.

From our recharge, we get the best Easy Social Share Button for WordPress that supports you to adjoin your site to social media. In today’s market, this plugin is popular for its creative & extensive social sharing. 

However, it comes to support you to attend more visitors quickly & easily and increase their day by day. And, engage them to share your website’s content with their social media tunnels. Other outstanding features are 30 automatic display methods, multiple colors and styles, overall 50 social media networks, and much more.

Finally, using this plugin you can enjoy a great experience for increasing followers, social shares, and subscribers like other powerful plugins. You will also enjoy the first-class mobile support from the Easy Social Share Buttons.

What’s the importance?

  • It helps to expand social live chat functionality.
  • You can easily see your social following totals.
  • This Share Button plugin is sharing optimization tags.
  • It allows you to use different methods and styles.



We have already confirmed the top 10 best WordPress plugins 2020 that support you to choose the right one. Plus, you can use these plugins effortlessly to establish a gorgeous WordPress website.  

Just enjoy!

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