This article is dedicated to the Beginners who are suffering trouble to get expected traffic for their website. In this article we will try to provide the best solution to the problem with Best SEO Plugin of WordPress. This article is divided into three Sections as follows

  • Tips for the beginners
  • SEO strategy and
  • The Best SEO plugins wordpress (SEO tools)

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Google is the giant search engine of this planet and Google search is the largest source of traffic for your website. Hence, there is no any better alternative to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get expected traffic for your website. Here, we will discuss about on page SEO related to Google Search Engine.

Google is continuously updating its technology to serve better search result for the user. So, there is no any concrete solution but there exist some basic strategy and Technic to upgrade ranking of your website.

Tips for the Beginners:

In most of the cases beginners are in hurry to get the quick result. Unfortunately, it’s a time consuming process to upgrade ranking of your website and it requires continuous effort for six to twelve months with right procedure. Here we will disclose some open secrete to the beginners that no one want to share directly. Let’s see the tips for beginners:

  • Niche Selection:

    Choose a niche which is favorable with you. Niche is the topic or subject (ie. health, career, software etc) on which you are working with. If you are working with a topic which is not well known to you then you should spend some time regularly to enrich your knowledge about the niche. No need to analyze keyword or competition to select niche. It’s the most important part to be success in this field.

  • Theme Selection:

    It’s very important to select a theme suitable with your niche. A perfect theme is important to have required theme options and fastest speed with responsibility ready. If you are confused to select a perfect theme then you should select a multipurpose high rated theme like as Avada. You can also check out our list of the best premium theme for the year 2019

  • Invest Some Money:

    If you want an ultimate success in the prescribed time period then you have to invest some money to start your business. It’s the pre-requisite of any business. For example a top rated premium theme 1000 times better than a free theme which is important for expected SEO result as well as fastest speed for better ranking.

  • Confidence & commitment:

    The last tip for the beginners is to be confident about the success and you should be committed to yourself to try your best to be successful. You have to work regularly and continuously. Beginners are suggested to work for minimum 3 hours per day regularly.

If you have setup your website for your blog or online business then it’s the time to create post for your website as much as possible. If you have some handsome post for your website then it’s the high time to fix an on site SEO strategy for your website to attract maximum traffic to your website.

SEO Strategy: (SEO Analysis/SEO Tips/SEO Guide)

Search Engine Optimization is a critical task but there are some basic strategy to optimize search engine. SEO strategy has some basic parts

  • Keyword analysis:

    You can use Google Keyword Planer for this purpose. It’s a free easy tool for key word analysis. This analyzer will help you to find out most crowded keywords related to your topics.

  • Competition Analysis:

    After selection of group of keywords you have to analyze competition for each word. For this purpose you may use Google Search Engine to see the search results.

  • Primary Keyword Selection:

    After completion of Keyword analysis and competition analysis you have to choose a suitable primary keyword for your post based on high crowd and low competition.

  • Placement of Keywords:

    The next step for on page SEO is to placement of keywords into the post. You have to place primary keyword for maximum number and then other keyword. For better SEO result your experience of this task will play a vital role here.

  • Internal link & Back link:

    You should link up internal page and posts and should provide back link to other related website for better SEO result. In case of providing back link you should keep in mind that, you will provide do follow link to useful website for you and no follow link to others such as your competitor.

  • Others:

    Some other things for better SEO is to place primary keyword in heading & few subheading and first paragraph of the article. Image should have altered text. Post heading should have a good length to display in Google search result and number of word should be higher as much as possible not bellow 350 words.

To apply your SEO strategy effectively you should use SEO tools. These tools will guide you automatically to upgrade and monitor your website ranking as per requirement. Without SEO tools or plugins it’s quite impossible to apply SEO strategy effectively.


The Best SEO Plugin WordPress (SEO Tools):

This one is the last section of this article to show you the best SEO plugin wordpress & tools which will lead you to the ultimate destination of success. Let’s see the list of the Best plugins & tools:

Premium SEO Pack (Best SEO Tools)

best seo plugin wordpress

This wordpress seo plugin is the most powerful & popular all in one seo pack in the market. You can get auto keyword idea, website ranking, keyword ranking easily by using these tools. It also monitors competitor status with the same keyword. This SEO plugin is very simple for the users.  You will get clear guideline automatically to upgrade your website ranking.

This all in one seo pack contains mass optimization, SERP tracking, multiple sitemaps, link builder, title & meta format, Google analysis, Page speed insights, local SEO, w3 validator, media smushit, Facebook planer, Google+ Authorship, rich snippets, 301 link redirect, social media, SEO friendly images, Twitter cards, Backlink builder, Files edit, slug optimization and many more feature that you need to optimize your website perfectly.



WordPress Auto Spinner

wordpress seo

This plugin is used to rewrite content which has been published previously. This spinner can save your tons of time and money. It’s a awesome tool for blog post like as review writing.




yoast seo

It’s a powerful tool for tracking rank for each and every keyword in Google. It will update report daily basis automatically and will create a keyword list for your next task.



WP GeoIP Country Redirect

seo tools

This plugin is used to redirect your visitor as per country and you can set page or URL for visitors separately.



Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

seo analysis

Rich Snippets plugin is used to show image, ranking etc in Google search result which has a direct impact in SEO score. The plugin is very simple and easy to use for all users.



smart SEO (Best SEO Plugin WordPress)

on page seo

smart SEO is a beautiful and effective SEO plugin to get an expected SEO result. It will suggest you step by step to upgrade SEO of your post. It includes many more features in the smartest way.



Hreflang Manager

seo tools

This plugin is used to make easy for Google search engine to understand for which language and country content is published. This plugin works to bring target traffic in the website successfully.



Social SEO

wordpress seo plugin

Social SEO is used to use Facebook as news feed for your website. This can be shared on twitter, linkedin or any other social media. It’s an effective tools for social media marketing.



Keyword Finder

best seo plugin wordpress

This plugin is used to find more relevant keyword for the post within a second. The plugin works in most volume of Google search and 189 languages.



Interlinks Manager

all in one seo pack

Interlinks Manager is a powerful plugin to convert your visitors for more sells by creating a series of interlinks. Interlink is very important for SEO and to understand content for the visitors. An effective interlink structure of your website can accelerate your success undoubtedly.




An effective SEO strategy and basic knowledge of optimization is important to be in right track for ultimate success. It’s very difficult for the beginners to do all the procedure perfectly. An expert can perform every step manually. But a beginner should use SEO plugin / tools to perform all steps perfectly. An expert also should use plugin/tools to save tons of time.

Last tips for Beginners: Be confident about your success & take right decision in right time.

If you have any question or suggestion feel free to leave with a comment. Your participation  and complement always inspire us for the next one.



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