The problem that most of the beginners face while working with WordPress theme, is that, free vs paid wordpress themes which is suitable for their site. Both free and premium themes have some awesome features and facilities for your upcoming WordPress website or blog. Both of them have some disadvantage also. But you have to select one which is perfect for you.         12 Tips to Select Best WordPress Theme for your website

Most of the beginners don’t have the clear idea on the differences between these two category themes. And this is the main reason for the confusion in case of selection. Dear beginner, don’t worry! Here we are to make clear your dilemma! We will discuss in detail the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of free & premium wordpress themes in this article. Before taking your decision, you must understand the topics discussed here. Hopefully, you can make the right decision even you are a beginner. Let’s start.

free vs paid wordpress themes

Free VS Paid WordPress Themes

In the beginning, we will discuss the features and differences between free & premium wordpress themes. From here you can understand what they might have for you.

Initial Idea

There are many free themes for Word Press on the market. But if you have a good knowledge of coding, you can make a good quality website or blog by using the limited feature of the free theme. But the main thing here is that you can use those features only that are available here and cannot add anything new. On the other hand, premium themes have a lot of features and you can add more from your vendor as you need. If you want to create a business website, premium themes will be more collaborative.


The premium theme market is very competitive. For sustaining in this field the theme builders have to offer the update and latest features from time to time. That’s why you can see most of the paid theme offer a bundle of attractive features. But if we talk about the free theme, they offer only a limited feature. Not only that, builder wants to update the theme’s features rarely.

Customer support

Customer support is very important for both buyer and seller. As a buyer, you may need support many times during installing or using the theme. On the other hand, as a seller, you also give a good support to your customer whenever they ask. The today’s market competition is quite strong and for sustain here, you must take a good care of your customer. For this reason, premium theme user can get support any time but free theme user sometimes feet lack of this.

Use of plugin

Free themes have a few restricted features and it is supported by a few plugins. Some of them can’t support woocommerce plugins, some are social media plugin, contact form plugins and some more. You will have some restriction in the case of using free themes. But if you use a premium theme, then you will get all in one. This is the most useful part of premium themes.


Almost all paid theme is featured with easy customization system. That means you can design or decorate your website according to your needs by using customization feature of the premium theme. Even you are a beginner and zero knowledge of coding; you can customize your WordPress website as your demand. Unfortunately this you will deprive of this awesome facilities if are a user of the free theme.

Loading Time

Sometimes ‘very good’ is become a cause of something bad. The premium theme can do something like that. It is full of too many functions. Many times it is also seen that there is no need for such features. But due to so many features, most paid themes take a lot of time to load. Visitors can become disturbed by this. As a result, both your site’s view count and the visitor can be reduced. From this point of view, the free them is a little bit better if you able to find the theme who can load quickly.

Update support

The WordPress is regularly updating his technology and after every few months, WordPress get a major upgrade.  Whatever theme you use it doesn’t matter, the theme should be compatible with the updated version of WordPress. The seller or framework company takes the responsibility to uncover the updated version of the paid theme. On the other hand, the free theme builders often serve the update version on time.

SEO update

Even you are a beginner; you must know the importance of SEO of website or blog. WordPress theme did this job overall perfectly. The problem with the free theme is the most of them are built with some minor structural fault. In addition, only a few of them offer the inbuilt SEO options. Especially for every site the SEO optimization, as well as clean code, is very important for faster wordpress themes

Advantages and disadvantages

Today, we are talking about free vs paid wordpress themes. We have briefly discussed the difference of these two. It is important to know about their advantages and disadvantages if you decide on which one you choose. Let’s talk about this topic now.

The advantage of free WordPress theme

You can choose a free WordPress theme for your website or blog. The reasons are:

  • It is free: The free WordPress theme is quite helpful for you if you are a beginner. Cost is a big factor for most of the beginner and the average price of the paid theme is & 57.54. If you are an experiment level then this price is much high, isn’t it?
  • Easy to use: The builders of free website themes usually make it from the perspective of a beginner. That’s why it is quite simple and easy to use. Even you are a beginner and you not expert at in programming at all, you can install it within a few minutes. You can use it at least your testing purpose.
  • Minimum feature: Free theme contains some simple and specific features. But there is a benefit also. Because of these minimum functionalities, on the one hand, your website decoration will be very simple on the other hand the site will be loaded quickly. This will improve your site’s SEO.
  • Officially approved: There is no possibility that themes can have a legal issue due to free. These are officially approved on WordPress via a multi-step process.
  • Excellent code quality: If you pick your theme from the theme directory of WordPress then be assured that the theme is strictly checked and definitely well reviewed for code quality.
  • Upgrade version: Generally, free theme makers do not update themes very much over time. But there are many themes that include an option of upgrade to the pro version. Generally, these options are available in free themes created for blog sites.
  • Compatibility: As the coding standards are the same for all free wordpress themes, plugin capability is much better and easy than other.
  • Versatile: The main purpose of making free theme is holding content and theme design at the time of change. That means when you change the previous theme, without rebuild content, you will get the new design and layout. Not only that you can keep the previous plugin also.

The disadvantage of the free WordPress theme

You should not use a free theme for your upcoming WordPress website. The reasons are:

  • Limited feature: The free themes come with very few features and without extra functionalities. If you are going to decorate your business website with the free theme then with these limited features you may aren’t able to create something that you need.
  • Not so unique: This theme is very much downloaded because of being free. And for this, it is not very unique. There is no restriction on downloading at all and you can’t make a remarkable change on design as it has only a few features. As a result, many sites are available to look at similar themes when using free themes.
  • Update rarely: Free theme builders are rarely updating the theme after once release. As a result, it may incompatible with the updated version of WordPress.
  • Poor Design: Not all free theme designs are bad. Some designs are really great. However, compared to the paid theme, it may be slightly faded.
  • Limited support: Usually the developer of free WordPress theme offer to give support via WordPress forum. But most of the time the support is not as required. But as a beginner, several time may need various support to drive your site smoothly. This may become a big problem in future if you choose a free theme.
  • No Warranty: Distributors do not offer any warranty for free themes. Because of this, if any problem you face in the future there is nothing to do anymore. Using the free theme, I think this is the biggest problem.
  • Unknown Author: Another major problem with free themes is the author is unknown. As a result, if the source you are collecting from the theme is not reliable then there is nothing to do for any problem happen in further.

The advantage of the premium WordPress theme

You can choose a premium WordPress theme for your website or blog. The reasons are:

  • Available feature: It is the biggest advantage of using a premium theme. Almost all paid theme comes with a bundle of attractive features. As there is a high competition in paid them market, the developers are all time trying to bring something new for sustain here.
  • Customization option: Most of the premium wordpress templates can customize easily. As they offer the variety of features, lack of easy customization option there is no use of these features.
  • Higher quality: You have to pay some dollar to purchase a premium theme, but you will get a lot of features, options, demos, templates, and an awesome design within affair price. In terms of quality, the premium theme is much better than a free theme.
  • Update and support: It is a very useful advantage of a premium theme. The developer of paid theme release the updated version from time to time for the compatible theme with the website and offer to give full support to the customer according to their needs. Actually, this is their business policy to sustain at the competitive market.
  • More unique: As the cost is related to the premium theme, their use is not available as a free theme. Premium theme developers are very efficiently following this issue. As a result, there is no scope of duplication.
  • Higher security: Developer maintains a higher security on making and using the paid best wordpress themes. 
  • Advanced functionality: The premium theme offers huge advanced functionality. You will get thousands of theme options, all types of layouts and elements, and some excellent plugin support.

The disadvantage of the premium WordPress theme

You should not use a premium theme for your upcoming WordPress website. The reasons are:

  • Coast Bearing: If you want to buy a best quality premium theme for your WordPress website then you must have to spend some money. It may expense from $40 to $100 for a standard premium wordpress theme.
  • Unnecessary features: Most of the paid theme is full of unnecessary features. Most of them probably you will never use. These unnecessary features make your site heavy and it becomes work slowly.
  • Commercial license: You will get just one valid installation on the purchase and have to license on Theme Forest regularly.
  • Poor Coding: Most of the time the premium themes are not checked with a strict review process. And the result is that some of them look very fantastic but their coding standard is very poor. That’s why sometimes they fail to compatible with some specific plugins. Good news is, if you buy from a marketplace like as biggest resource of premium theme themeforest than the problem is solved. Because they maintain a strong review system to maintain best quality.
  • Support period: The support period of the selling company generally offer with the premium theme is only for six months. If you need more support after the time period, you have to extend it.
  • Crossing over plugin: Premium theme sometime offers such kind of functionality which can cross over plugins. Such as shortcodes, custom post type which will be fully useless immediately when you switch the theme. 

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Free vs Premium WordPress Themes, take your own decision

We show the difference between free themes and premium themes in the above discussion, and all the advantages and disadvantages of them. You should now decide which one you choose between free themes and premium themes. Make this decision based on the content of your site. For example, if you have a business site and you want to offer a special product promotion and sales service, premium themes will be a good choice for you. Because it is important to attract customers to sell something. And for this, your site should be well decorated, modern design and a pretty outlook. Due to the premium theme offers many more attractive features; it can fulfill your demand.

Wrapping up

The debate of Free vs Paid wordpress themes will never be over. So, as a conclusion, again the decision is only yours. Since the two themes have some advantages and disadvantages, you should first know about them clearly. This discussion will help you in this regard. If you are a beginner, maybe you may have a great choice of premium themes. Otherwise you will have to spend a lot of money on it, but since you are new, you may need some support from time to time, but you will not get this service from a free theme. Again, as a new, if you want to make a test with the theme, you should think about the free theme. So, try to make your own decision and share your selection with us. Good luck.

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