Do you like to cook? Are you passionate about cooking? Do you want to have a website where you can share your recipes? Whether you are a blogger or a company that wants to share your recipes and products; in this article you will find a list carefully made with the best WordPress themes; for food blogs and magazines of recipes specially designed and developed; so you can show your recipes and desserts elegantly and professionally.

Most of these themes have been designed to be used in online magazines and blogs recipes. And allow the inclusion of new recipes from the visible part of your website; have advanced recipe management systems; their designs are adapted perfectly to all types of mobile devices; you can customize them to your liking, and much more.

All of them have premium quality, support, and documentation that will help you create your website with ease.

Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs

Thinking of helping you find the theme that best suits your needs; we have chosen for you the best WordPress themes for food blogs & cooking recipes with different characteristics and designs.

1# Lahanna

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Lahanna is the best wordpress themes for food blogs; with a modern and elegant design, ideal for cooking blogs, and publications related to food. It’s fast, simple and easy to use. It is optimized for search engines (SEO), and its design is 100% adapted to mobile devices.

This theme supports the inclusion of YouTube and Vimeo videos in the pages and entries of your blog. If you want to monetize your website, you can include ads from Google Ads and AdSense. You can also create your own Social Network through bbPress and BuddyPress, and an online store. Thanks to its compatibility with the popular free WooCommerce plugin.

Lahanna has a very intuitive administration panel; with which you can customize colors, upload your logo, a layout of columns and much more. A tremendous Visual Composer layout with which you only have to drag and drop the elements on your pages; unique designs that you can load as demos with a single click. It has spectacular display styles in grid mode and unique options; to show your latest content, social counters, supports Google Fonts, valuation system articles by readers.

It is the best wordpress themes for food blogs with a large number of publications; encouraging visitors to follow your content. Thanks to the excellent optimization of its pages and intuitive and intelligent design.

2# Ranna

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Ranna is a fantastic theme and one of the best wordpress themes for food blogs for publishing recipes; that is perfectly displayed on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

With Ranna, sharing all your recipes and cooking tips with your fan community has never been easier. This recipe website template is perfect for chefs, kitchen experts, and even homemakers. It includes a practical recipe filter, list of ingredients and cooking methods. Your code is clean and optimized for search engines (SEO), keeping in mind that your website reaches the best possible positions in Google or Yahoo. By allowing you to install the demo data with a single click; your website will be operational in a very short time.

Ranna allows you to easily add to your recipes all the necessary information for your visitors to carry it out; list of ingredients, step by step process, detailed images, labels, execution time, etc.

This recipe website template includes a large number of very useful pages; such as about me, blog, contact and many more. Ranna is ready to translate easily into other languages and offers support for the WPML plugin for multilanguage sites. The home page and the contact page are very easy to replicate with the import of the demo with a single click.

3# Sabroso

best wordpress themes for food blogs


Sabroso includes nice and elegant food website templates designed for food, recipes, and similar type of websites. It offers a modern and clean style, and a lot of really useful features; that make it ideal for the publication of cooking recipes, restaurant reviews, culinary tricks, etc. Its design is fully adapted to any size of screen and mobile device; so you do not have to worry about whether your content will be displayed correctly.

It comes with ready-to-install demos with a single click; as well as a powerful page building tool with a drag-and-drop graphic interface; so you do not need to know anything about web programming to create a website only. Besides, it has multiple home demos, post layouts, and much more. This template includes a powerful administration panel; with lots of customization options and optimization in the loading times of your pages.

4# Gourmand

food wordpress theme


Gourmand is a complete solution for the management of online recipes. It has all the necessary features to provide an excellent user experience for users who upload their recipes to your website; as well as for those who read them. It has a modern and unique design that will allow you to differentiate yourself from other cooking websites.

This food website templates has taken care of every detail and offers a fast loading speed of your pages. It has features for the publication of recipes such as 4 header styles, boxed layout version, customizable menu, smooth scroll, an icon with text shortcode, and many others.

5# Sprout & Spoon

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Sprout & Spoon is an excellent Cooking recipe & bakery wordpress theme; that will allow you to have a personal food blog where you can easily share your cooking recipes. This template brings a tool for easy creation of your recipes; that also supports rich code to display in Google search results. Its design is 100% adapted to mobile devices.

Sprout & Spoon has attractive highlighted areas. It gives you the option to choose between 7 styles of blog design. It has a carousel with your Instagram images in the footer. Also it includes an area at the end of your post and below the banner of the home page to add for example a subscription form to your newsletters and advertising. It comes with 6 custom modules (about me, social icons, latest entries, advertising, Facebook, among others), Customizable elements with unlimited colors; is ready to translate to other languages, and many other fantastic features.

6# Neptune

best restaurant wordpress themes


Neptune is a premium WordPress theme perfect for those who want to create a website; where they can share their passion for the kitchen and their cooking recipes. And your registered readers can send their recipes, and after your review, you can publish them. With Neptune, you can have a personal kitchen blog with a clean and simple design.

Neptune has great features designed specifically for this type of blog-like list of outstanding recipes. It has an ingredient list manager and boxes with nutritional data. Also it has detailed steps of preparing the dish with images; that will make it easier for your followers to make your gastronomic recipes. It has code dialing to show your Google’s search results with images and ratings which will help you get visitors.

Neptune has a panel of options with which to easily customize this theme. It comes with integration to social networks that includes the option to share your recipes. Also it has a list of related recipes at the end of each entry. It is an integrated alarm that gives your readers the option to be notified of the cooking completion times. And it has 700+ Google Fonts fonts available. Moreover, it has an instant search engine for recipes and ingredients and many more.

With Neptune adding recipes is very easy, this food blog templates include a graphical tool; that will allow you to intuitively add images, steps, ingredients, and other features. It is also 100% adapted to mobile devices and has areas; to include advertising if you want to get extra income through your blog.

7# Tasty Food

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Tasty Food is ideal to create a blog where you can share recipes; both for lovers of cooking and companies or for those who seek to do this work in a professional manner. In addition, you have the possibility that you can earn money including advertising on your website; offering a good selection of locations for your ads, always looking for maximum profitability.

Tasty Food wordpress recipe theme stands out for having a large number of customized modules; that you can locate on your homepage and in the interiors including ready cooking recipe food template. It has integration with the WP Recipe Maker plugin that will allow you to easily add recipes to any publication of your blog or page; with the rating system and comments from your readers. You can also include photos and the steps to follow to make the recipe correctly.

Its design is 100% adapted to mobile devices. This food blog templates includes a recipe browser that shows results in real time. It supports unlimited customization colors. Also it is ready to translate to another language through files easily. It is completely customizable and much more.

8# Recipes

wordpress cooking theme


Recipes is an awesome food blog theme and one of the best restaurant wordpress themes; that offers a high-quality design, where your visitors will have the virtual sensation of being able to taste your dishes through your fantastic photographs. It has everything you need to have a recipe blog with a spectacular visual appearance.

The list of features offered is so wide that we invite you to take a look. Highlighting exceptional demos and ready to install with a single click. Also it includes drag and drop page builder, fast loading of your pages, 100% design adapted to mobile devices; advanced recipe search filters, spectacular animation effects in your recipes; possibility that your users can upload their recipes through a specific form; a prominent banner of sliding images with which to capture the attention of your visitors.

9# Food & Cook WordPress Theme

food template wordpress


You have no excuse! With Food & Cook WordPress Theme, it is very easy to share recipes and cooking tips. This WordPress template has a beautiful and clean design perfect for displaying your catalog of dishes and desserts. Choose between 6 homepage variations and 3 styles for your recipes.

Food & Cook not only offers an elegant design with professional recipe template. It is also highly flexible and allows you to create your online store with the free WooCommerce plugin. You can choose your page backgrounds, edit your content layout designs; given the option to your readers to upload your recipes and much more with ready cooking template.

This exceptional cooking recipe food template offers you the possibility to include videos within your recipes. Its design is 100% adapted to mobile devices. It supports Google microdata. Also it includes the powerful Revolution Slider plugin for free; so you can intuitively create your sliding image banners with amazing transition effects. It is easy to install and gives you the possibility to import the data of your demo.

10# Soledad

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Soledad is one of the complete wordpress food blog themes and best rated by 11,500+ users for the creation of your blog or online magazine. It is perfect for all types of personal and business blogs that share cooking recipes, desserts, gastronomic reviews, etc.

This wordpress food blog themes stands out for including 2000+ real demos for your homepage installable with a single mouse click; which you can use to create an elegant recipe blog in a matter of minutes. It also includes 400+ options to customize this theme to your liking and needs; being able to visualize the changes in real time before saving them. And if you do not know anything about code, do not worry; because Soledad brings the popular Visual Composer page generator for free, with a drag-and-drop graphical interface. As well as the exceptional Revolution Slider extension, which will allow you to create and maintain your slider players easily.

Soledad is so versatile that you can use it to show your favorite recipes; do product valuations, sell online kitchen items, pots, pans, etc. It supports the inclusion of featured videos on animated banners. It also has various styles of galleries with attractive designs, professional recipe template; 6 styles of the header, 5 variations of blog entries, 800+ combinations of blog styles and banners; zoom effect when clicking on images, and much more.

Soledad has put all its efforts into creating a pleasant user experience; with soft visual effects that will allow you to take users wherever you want.

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