According to internet data, 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now, that means almost 20% of all self-hosted websites use WordPress, which is huge. Why not? As we know, WordPress is the world’s best CMS solution for any websites. The most amazing thing about WordPress is, it has many Plugins for any kind of features. There are both free and premium plugins for WordPress, that you can use to add many kinds of features. You don’t need to know any coding, don’t need to work hard all day long, you can just pick a plugin for your WordPress site and easily add expected features with some click.

There are many categories of WordPress Plugins, like- Security Plugins, SEO Plugins, Analytics Plugins, Optimization and Performance Plugins, Backup Plugins, Social Media Plugins, eCommerce Plugins, Email and Newsletter Plugins, User Registration Plugins, Form Builder Plugin, Redirection Plugins, and others. In these mentioned categories there are both free and paid plugins; and have more than one plugins for each category!

So, it’s confusing for any newbie to choose the best plugins from those. And as a beginner, you do not want to spend lots of money on paid plugins! So, what is the best solution? Here this article is for you, in this article we are presenting you a rich list of 20+ Best Free WordPress Plugins 2020, that you must use for your WordPress Site. All of these plugins are cost-free and the best one for their categories. You can use these plugins without any hesitation & lead your website to the next level with many advanced features.

Let’s see our list of 20+ Best Free WordPress Plugins 2020:

1# JetPack

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 5+ Millions

Reviews: 1452

Jetpack plugin is the most popular & powerful plugin from team(Automattic) itself. It’s a must-have plugin for every website powered by WordPress. Like it’s name, this Plugin offers a complete package of many awesome features that help your site to fly up high and gain success on the internet. Jetpack fully takes care of your site security, website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance, etc all alone. So, you just need to use this plugin to push your site to the next level. Download

2# Wordfence Security

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 3+ Millions

Reviews: 3494

When you run a website, the first & most important thing to do is to keep your site secure from hacking attacks. You can’t ignore this. There are tons of malicious programs on the internet that can attack your website anytime and demolish your works in no time. So, you must need to keep your website secure from spamming or hacking always.

To do this job for your WordPress site, there are a lot of security plugins in WordPress. But Among them, Wordfence Security is the best one, that you can use. Though it has paid version, you can still use many features in free version like- Firewall protection, malware scan, blocking, login security, live traffic monitoring and a lot more. This plugin will let you monitor all your traffic in real-time including robots, humans, 404 errors, logins, logouts, etc.

By monitoring real-time traffic, you can know about the security threats that your site is facing and take instant action against it. Download

3# Akismet Anti-Spam

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 5+ Millions

Reviews: 851

Akismet is another useful plugin developed by the WordPress team (Matt and his team at Automattic). It is a default WordPress plugin that comes with every new WordPress core installation. This plugin is mainly an anti-spam plugin that checks all comments that come on your site’s post and filters out the spammy comments.

It also provides the status history for each comment so that you can know which comments were found spammy by Akismet or the moderator. Your site’s Moderators also can see the amount of approved comments for each user, see the URLs in the comment and remove the suspicious links are there.

This plugin is fully free of cost for your personal website. But you can get premium plan for your commercial sites with some advance features. Download

4# Yoast SEO

free seo plugin for wordpress

Installations: 5+ Millions

Reviews: 27071

While you are running a website, you have to depend on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for traffic. Because of the amount of search by users on search engines increasing day by day. You have to focus on proper SEO for the long-term success of your site. Fortunately, as a WordPress user, you have a great plugin like Yoast for the better SEO of your site.

With the free version of Yoast SEO plugin you will get tons of awesome features, which guides you all the way to create better content, optimize your site for SEO and rocket up your SEO ranking on search results.

It helps you to create SEO friendly post or page with any focus keyword. It will add an SEO box just under the post or page editor where you can set a focus keyword, meta title & description, slug, etc. It also provides an awesome XML sitemap of your site to send & index your post to all popular search engines.

So, it’s a complete package for On-page & Technical SEO of your site that you can use without any hesitation. Download

5# Redirection

wordpress plugins free

Installations: 1+ Millions

Reviews: 490

If you are running a site, you may want to change the URL of a post or page sometimes.

When it happens, you will need a way to redirect your traffic from the old post to the newer post.

In this task Redirection Plugin will help you. This plugin gives you a graphical interface where you can manage all of your site’s 301 redirects easily- which is more user-friendly than trying to edit your .htaccess file every time you want to add a new redirect.

From this free plugin You can also get creative with your redirects. So, we can say that it’s another must need plugin for your site. Download

6# Schema

wordpress plugins free

Installations: 70000+

Reviews: 182

Some time we see extra pieces of information like star ratings, images, number of reviews, etc. below some of the pages on the search results. These provide further information about the post/page which users may want to know. Such brief pieces of information are called Rich Snippets or Schema Markup. It improves the SEO rank of any site & gives high CTR.

While you are using WordPress, you can make it for your site easily with a free plugin named Schema. It will provide the search engines the precise information of your posts/pages to be displayed in the search engine result pages. This will help your site to rank better & get more click-through rates. Download

7# Broken Link Checker

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 700000+

Reviews: 376

While you are running a website, do you know about how your visitor react if they landed on a broken page? You can make a guess– you lose the possible customer as well as create a worse impression about your site to visitors. That’s why every site owner hate broken link.

But as a WordPress user, there is a piece of good news for you! There is a free & handy plugin named Broken Link Checker that will monitor your website for all the broken links.

You have to just install it, nothing else because it will do the job automatically. This plugin will check all your posts, comments and other content for broken links and instantly notifies you if any are found there. In addition, it will reports on the missing images too so that you can fix them quickly.

This plugin has another feature to prevent search engines from following the broken links, display the broken links differently, etc. You can get notifications either via email or your WP dashboard. So, you can remove your headache about the broken link by this plugin. Download

8# Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 2+ Millions

Reviews: 1562

We know that, Google analytics is a great free to use statistical tool for understanding own website traffic. Analyzing your audience and catering to them is a great way to improve your traffic as well as business. Therefore, it’s an auto-choice to use the Google Analytics plugin for your WordPress website and MonsterInsights Google analytics tool is one of the best plugins over there among many of analytic plugins.

This plugin allows you to monitor various real-time stats regarding your website. You can also track user views from multiple platforms and devices as well as receive various demographic and interest reports by Universal tracking.

Its also commerce-ready plugin. So, you can track product popularity, conversion rates, and order values without any difficulty at all. It also integrated with the Google Adsense, so you can track your ad performance as well. Many other features of this plugin will help you to track download numbers, outbound link tracking, events and performance tracking, user discovery reports and many more. So, it’s another important plugin you may use on your site. Download

9# Really Simple SSL

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 3+ Millions

Reviews: 3,495

To make your site secure for both you and your visitor, you have to move your site to HTTPS/SSL. And it will also help you to avoid showing the ‘Not Secure’ warnings in your visitor’s  Chrome Browser, that happen with all non-HTTPS sites.

If you have free or paid SSL certificates, without spending any money you just need a way to safely migrate your WordPress site to HTTPS. For this task you can use a free WordPress Plugin named Really Simple SSL. This plugin is an awesome one-click solution to set up your site’s redirects, update your old URLs, and handle everything else you need to do to safely migrate your site to HTTPS. Download

10# Smush

Installations: 1+ Millions

Reviews: 4681

Smush is another free WordPress plugin that can improve your site’s performance by making your site fast. This plugin will boost up your site loading speed by automatically compressing and resizing the images you upload to your WordPress site.

Good thing is this plugin uses lossless compression, which means your images won’t lose any quality! They’ll just have a smaller file size!

It lets you optimize unlimited images for free (with a 1 MB file size max per image), and it’s super easy to use. So, you can pick this plugin without any doubt. Download

11# W3 Total Cache

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 1+ Millions

Reviews: 4365

Caching in WordPress is one of the best ways to improve website performance. The caching work by storing the website data temporarily in the cache so that it loads faster the next time the visitor opens the same page.

There are many caching plugins in WordPress. These plugins will cache your posts and pages as static HTML files that are served to the users. This reduces your site’s page loading time and helps to optimize the site performance. In addition, enhanced site-speed will profoundly impact on your site’s SEO.

Among many of plugins, W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular plugins and maybe the best caching plugin for WordPress. This plugin features browser caching, page caching, database caching, object caching, and a lot more. Besides, it allows you to integrate CDN services to reduce page loading time. This plugin has also options to minify and HTTP compression of the HTML, JS, and CSS files so that you can save bandwidth up to 80%.

By gaining fast Site loading speed, you will get a higher ranking on search results that boost your SEO. So, W3 Total Cache is another must need plugin for your site. Download

12# Autoptimize

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 1+ Millions

Reviews: 977

Autoptimize is a free WordPress Plugin that helps you to speed up your WordPress site by optimizing your site’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. This plugin does this job by two systems.

Firstly Minification, it removes all unnecessary characters from your site’s code. And next is concatenation; this plugin combines multiple separate files into one on your site.

Autoptimize also has some other optimizations features, such as the ability to defer JavaScript and optimize Google Fonts. You can pick this plugin to boost your site speed that matters in SEO. Download

13# UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 2+ Millions

Reviews: 3350

No matter what types of site you run, every site needs to back up. It’s very important because all of your hard work can vanish in a second. If you keep back up of your site, you have a working copy just in case anything goes wrong.

There are lots of free and premium back up plugin for WordPress site. But for free, UpdraftPlus is the best back up the plugin on WordPress.

This Plugin helps you to manually or automatically back up your site with a single click, and you can even automatically have UpdraftPlus to store your backup on the cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

If you ever need to restore your full site, UpdraftPlus allows you to do it with one click. So, you can start using this plugin to back up your site from now on. Download

14# Social Media Share Buttons | MashShare

best free wordpress social share plugins

Installations: 60000+

Reviews: 970

There are a lot of great social media share button plugins in WordPress, so it’s hard to choose just one for any newbie. But if you want a free Social Media Plugin, that is a professional and highly customizable ecosystem for social media sharing and optimizing of your valuable content, then MashShare is one of the best among all of there.

You can pick this as your social media share buttons. Download

15# WooCommerce

best free woocommerce plugins

Installations: 5+ Millions

Reviews: 3475

If you want to open an E-commerce store with WordPress Site & sell products online; then which is the best for commerce features? The answer is- undoubtedly WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the most popular & the best WordPress plugin for eCommerce.

This plugin comes with many features like- customizable WordPress Integration, Flexibility, Payment Options and many more. With the help of this plugin, you can sell anything you want, complete with varying shapes, sizes, product variations, and configurations. And offer your customers- a wide range of shipping options, such as free shipping or shipping that’s calculated in real-time.

This plugin accepts major credit cards, BACs, and cash on delivery, so people can make their purchases how they want on your site.

By using this you will own all of it so that you never have to worry about any 3rd-party platform packing up and taking your store’s data with them. So, for your E-Commerce website it’s a must need a plugin to use. Download

16# MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 1+ Millions

Reviews: 1218

In the case of Email Marketing you need to build an email list. There are many tools to do it, but the biggest name and one that also offers a great free plan — is MailChimp.

MailChimp for WordPress plugin a free option to build your MailChimp list on your WordPress Site. This massively popular plugin will help you to grow your email list with its advance feature. If you want to do email marketing for your business, then it’s the best option for you. Download

17# Contact Form 7

best wordpress form plugin

Installations: 5+ Millions

Reviews: 1714

Every type of site needs a contact page, and, when it comes to contact forms (or other types of forms), Contact Form 7 plugin is most popular & one of the best free options you’ll find for your WordPress site.

This plugin features a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that you can make any form easily. And it also has advanced features like AJAX form submission so that your visitor can submit a form without a page reload.

And, if you ever feel limited by the free version, you can always get extra functionality with a big library of premium extensions. Download

18# TablePress

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 800000+

Reviews: 3699

TablePress is an easy table making plugin, which is one of the most impressively rated for WordPress.

If you need to embed beautiful and feature-rich tables into your posts and pages, without having to write code, you can do it by TablePress.

This plugin gives you a simple, Excel-like interface right in your WordPress dashboard. You may import any data from Excel or Google Sheets, use any type of media in your table, and extend it with a huge variety of free add-ons.

So, it’s another important plugin for your site to use. Download

19# Insert Headers and Footers

best free wordpress plugins

Installations: 900000+

Reviews: 77

Sometimes you may need to add any code into your site’s header and footer section to enable certain functionality like Google Analytics tracking, Facebook Pixel, custom CSS or any other JavaScript. And, while some people are technically advanced enough to know how to change their theme’s files, not everyone knows how to, or wants to take that risk. In that case, Insert Headers and Footers plugin is the best solution for your WordPress site.

You can insert scripts or code into the plugin’s simple interface and let it plugin do the rest for you. You don’t need to worry about messing up your theme’s code and breaking your site structure. This plugin is flexible enough to insert any code or script, including HTML and Javascript.

So, you can start using this free plugin now on. Download

20# Elementor Page Builder

elementor pro free download

Installations: 4+ Millions

Reviews: 4981

If you want to make stylish, responsive & well-designed page for your website you have to know many of codings. But, for a WordPress Site, there is an easy & free solution. And that is Elementor.

Elementor is a front-end drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress. This plugin lets you to design complicated-looking pages without knowing a single line of code.

Essentially, this makes web design accessible to anyone.

There many other page builder plugins in WordPress. But among them, Elementor is the best & most popular. If you want to get some extra features, you can use the Elementor Page Builder Pro (Premium Version). Download

21# Rating-Widget: Star Review System

best wordpress plugins

Installations: 10000+

Reviews: 841

Rating-Widget A WordPress plugin is a star review system for site visitors that allows you to create and manage rating form within your WordPress dashboard for free. By using this plugin you can embed thumb & star ratings into your posts, pages or comments.

This plugin is fully customizable, cross-browser, support multi-language, CSS3 compliant. You can create unlimited thumb & star ratings and collect unlimited votes with this. The reviews editor of this plugin allows you to customize your ratings and their placement on your blog’s layout.

You can show star ratings from this plugin in the search result by schema markup, that will increase your CTR & boost your SEO.

So, its another important plugin you can use on your site. Download

22# Post Views Counter

best wordpress plugins

Installations: 100000+

Reviews: 112

Post Views Counter is another free WordPress plugin that allows you to display how many times a post, page or custom post type had been viewed, to your Visitor. It gives a good impression to your user about your site. You can pick this costless, simple, fast and easy to use plugin for your site without any doubt. Download

23# Classic Editor

best wordpress plugins for blogs

Installations: 5+ Millions

Reviews: 768

The Gutenberg block editor was introduced in core WordPress with version 5.0. After 5.0, every updated version of WordPress comes with a default block editor. But it’s not easy to use for every people as it comes with some advanced features. Because of this, many site owners still not shifted to Gutenberg. They are still using WordPress Classic Editor. Probably this the main reason behind 5+ millions installations of Classic Editor Plugin.

I’m still using Classic Editor too. If you are a newcomer I will prefer you to use Classic Editor. After becoming experienced you may shift to Gutenberg Block Editor. Download

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