WordPress membership plugin has changed the thinking of earning money strategy of community blog website owners. It was impossible to believe that it would be possible to charge for the content published in a blog or on a website.

The world has changed, information has become one of the most essential things currently for everyone. The idea is that training and ‘how to’ are especially important where you can get paid for what you know how to do, not for the titles you have.

There are more and more blogs and websites that are creating a membership website. It is a closed area for Google and for normal readers, which is accessed upon payment of a subscription or a fixed amount.

In an area of membership or client area, you can put what you want, although normally it is given access to information that interests both people and who want to pay for access. You get exclusive content that is not published anywhere else.

Creating a member zone or customer area with WordPress is not difficult. You do not need to have advanced programming knowledge, although it is not an easy task for a beginner WordPress user either.

There are complete and complex plugins that allow the creation of a membership website, in which the website administrator can implement any functionality or publish any exclusive content.

To give an example, with a wordpress membership plugin any admin can create a closed course platform where the student automatically accesses upon payment. And that offers access to some advantages on the chosen subscription model.

Another advantage is that it is usually relatively easy to combine the use of WordPress membership plugin with course management plugins or any other content management system in a top WordPress plugins format.

In this article, we are going introduce 3 membership premium wordpress plugins for WordPress. Here it is:

  1. ARMember
  2. WPGYM
  3. Ultimate Membership Pro

All these plugins will also fulfill your requirements of WordPress login plugin for clients, WordPress login register plugin, wordpress signup plugin, wordpress user login plugin, wordpress register plugin, wordpress profile plugin, wordpress user registration plugin, woocommerce membership plugin, wordpress subscribe plugin and all other similar plugins. In a word these plugins are all in one for wordpress membership management. 

Although you will find these wordpress membership plugin useful, many features don’t directly depend on the WordPress. There is a lot of hassle when it is about the Payment gateway. You have to manually setup it. But thanks to the wordpress membership plugin, they all come with the common Payment Gateways. I am going to explain their feature more in details.

Best WordPress Membership Plugin

In this article we are going to talk about the three best WordPress membership plugin mentioned above, although we will not explain how each of them is configured, we will describe a brief introduction about its advantages and disadvantages.


If I had to highlight something from ARMember, it is its compatibility with external platforms and applications such as Mailchimp, Paypal, Stripe, Bank Transfer,, and 2Checkout.

wordpress membership plugin

If we compare ARMember with other membership plugins for WordPress, we will find a much more complex and dynamic configuration. But when we get to understand it and get it going, it gives us many more possibilities than the rest of the simple membership plugin.

So that you understand, while in ARMember you have to mark on each page what memberships you want to have access to see the page. In the case of ARMember, this is done through a system of rules that allows you almost to automate the task is based on previously defined patterns.

On the other hand, I also have to say, for needs where we talk about a lot of traffic (more than 200 concurrent users), ARMember is much more powerful and can manage that traffic, while other plugins have seen them burst.

ARMember, like most membership systems, is compatible with Drip Feed or Content Dripping, which has been the delivery of content on a scheduled basis to readers or customers who pay for their subscription.

One thinks ARMember lacks the comprehensive analytics. You will have less access to the progress of your membership website. But you can see all the members you have and their invoice.

Finally, we are going to list a series of ARMember advantages in summary:

  1. Its system of access rules is very powerful.
  2. Its configuration interface is very clear.
  3. It is very compatible with other Internet applications and tools.
  4. It protects your contents strictly. That’s mean you can set how much of the contents can be accessed.
  5. It supports drip feed.
  6. Allows blocking of several sessions from a single IP address.

Now we will see the disadvantages of ARMember:

  1. It lacks advanced statistics.
  2. It lacks many features.
  3. It needs more payment gateways.

Final Verdict: If you want to create a simple membership website, you can go with ARMember. The price is reasonable, and that is $49.




More and more people are passionate about the issues of health and fitness in recent years. If you are a coach or have knowledge of Fitness, you can start a fitness niche membership website. By beginning a fitness membership website, you can sell your expertise. And there is nothing to say about the market size of the fitness industry.

wordpress membership site plugin

So, WPGYM is the membership plugin specially designed for the health and fitness website. With this plugin, you can create your fitness membership website very easily.

You can use this plugin to share training plans and diets with your audience. It is responsive and comes integrated with MailChimp. Admin has the option of creating a free or paid trial version, daily subscription, annual and flat rate packages.

It is SEO friendly with the type of personalized entries so that you can use any SEO plugin, for example, Yoast SEO.

The great reason to use this plugin for fitness membership website is that all the fitness-centric options are already there. The member module allows you to provide an important measurement for each member. You can also keep track of individual members.

The workout module helps you to create a workout schedule, add sets, res, and weight for each activity. The members can view the assigned workout, and they can log their workout at the gym.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of this plugin:

  1. Concentrate only fitness membership.
  2. Fitness centric features allow creating useful fitness membership website.
  3. Track the workout.
  4. Members can record and send their video to the trainer.

Now let’s see the Disadvantages:

  1. Not ideal for all type of membership website.
  2. Lack of many common features like analytics.
  3. Price is high.

Final Verdict: Don’t look back if you are a fitness trainer. Make a membership website with this plugin. Though the price is high, it is worth it.



Ultimate Membership Pro

As the name indicates, yes it is the ultimate WordPress membership plugin. Comes with loads of features, it is the most flexible membership plugin. It will take lots of words to describe all the features of this plugin. I will explain the most common features here.

simple membership plugin

What I like most about Ultimate Membership Pro is its interface and its ease of configuration, since the learning curve to use this WordPress user plugin is much less comparing to Armembers or WPGYM.

Ultimate Membership Pro also has many add-ons to complement. It is one of the main differences from the other wordpress membership plugin with payment gateway.

First, about the payment gateway, Ultimate Membership Pro beats any other WordPress members area plugin. It has most of the payment methods. Such as Paypal, Stripe, Payza, 2Checkout, Braintree,, and Bank Transfer.

Ultimate Membership Pro allows blocking of multiple sessions from a single IP, something very useful in these cases. You can also redirect users based on the rules you have set.

Finally, we are going to list the advantages of Ultimate Membership Pro in a summarized way:

  1. It is a pretty powerful plugin, although it needs its modules to be competitive.
  2. Its interface is quite good and intuitive. I think it stands out over the other plugins for this.
  3. All the common features are available that is available to other plugins.
  4. You can create custom currency.
  5. Have Tax options for different countries.

Let’s take a look at the disadvantages:

  1. You may be overwhelmed with the tons of features.
  2. A little bit is confusing the first time.
  3. Price is a little bit high compared to other membership plugins.

Final Verdict: If you want a future-proof best membership plugin, go with the Ultimate Membership Pro. The developer team continuously updates the plugin and adds features. You will never run out of features and options. The price is reasonable considering the features they provide. It is only $29.



ARMember VS WPGYM VS Ultimate Membership Pro

WordPress Membership Plugin Comparison

If you have arrived so far in this article, I suppose you have read everything I have put on the three wordpress user management plugin, and you have seen that all three are excellent alternatives as a wordpress paid membership plugin.

Independently of the fact that all of them are good wordpress membership site plugin, each one has its strengths and characteristics in which it stands out. Each wordpress paid plugins is also oriented or can be better adapted to a different audience.

For beginners I think that the indicated solution is ARMember, that is, if you have never touched a WP membership plugin or you have little experience with WordPress, ARMember is your plugin.

For advanced users, I think the best alternative is Ultimate member wordpress plugin since it allows you to do anything you can imagine.

To interact with external email marketing platforms, payment gateways and others, all these top wordpress plugins are excellent alternatives, but I think Ultimate membership pro wordpress plugin that stands out above the rest in this aspect.

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Author : Shoaib Ibn Abdullah

Editor : Md Harunur Rashid

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