Filtering millions of wordpress themes for choosing a WordPress theme suitable for a particular website is one of the most challenging tasks. Even if you are a beginner, maybe within a few minutes you can install a theme, but it may take a lot of time to choose the best theme suited for your website. As a complete beginner, you can feel confused about choosing a theme.

If you are a beginner and very worried about selecting best wordpress themes for your site then be relaxed, here we are ready to solve your problem! Choosing the best theme for a WordPress website or blog is very important. Just as a correct theme for your business site can open many doors of success in front of you, similarly a wrong theme can fail you. It seems to battle if you don’t have any clear idea of how you should choose the best one.

This article is for you to guide you towards the right way. Here we are going to discuss how you can choose best wordpress themes for your website. It just not a big deal but you should care about some dos and don’ts. Before choosing a theme, make sure to ask questions about whether the theme will be ideal for your site. Whether it is user-friendly, whether there are enough customization options, can support required plugins etc. Now just follow our guideline choosing a WordPress theme for your site.

12 Tips For Choosing A WordPress Theme

There is no fixed strategy to pick the best wordpress theme. Because something good for one may not good for others. You need to understand what will be perfect for your target business site. Below are some guidelines for choosing a wordpress theme for your website.

1# Prepare yourself by asking some question

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Choosing a WordPress theme from the numerous themes is a critical task. So first ask yourself some question to make short the options list a little bit of. Such as, what type of website do you want to create, what will be the purpose of your site, what type of customization process will need you etc. Beside this, it is also important to keep in mind a few more things like what you want from your site, what kind of product or services you want to sell, what will be your marketplace, what is your competitor doing etc.

2# Find the answer of your asked questions

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Properly find the answer can make the job of choosing the best wordpress themes very easy. Suppose you are trying to create a site for selling products, and then decide which products to sell. Now see how your competitors have deals with their site. Set your target visitor. Now decide what should be on the site to attract target visitors. Now look here, what type of theme you are looking for your site has become more specific. Is not it? The options list is becoming shorter.

3# Try to choose simple theme

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As you are a beginner, you should choose a very simple and easily customizable theme instead of a complex theme. Your control over a simple theme will be strong and you will able to drive the site smoothly. But do not think that as you have selected the simple theme, your work is done here. By using your intelligence and creativity, you can design a unique site with this simple theme. Remember that, a clean and simple WordPress theme can attract visitor and make them spend more time on your site and with its awesome present able to turn the visitor to the customer also.

4# Spend more time to choose best wordpress themes

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As already mentioned, selecting a WordPress theme is not easy anymore. After selecting a theme you can spend a little while installing it, then you might think that your job is finished. That’s not the case. It may happen that later you saw that the theme was not suitable for your site. Do not wobble in my words. Many experienced developers also take a lot of time for this job. So do not rush. Take the time, and decide on your thoughts.

5# Match the theme with content

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Your visitor’s expectations should be fulfilled by your website. A wonderful WordPress theme has the ability to enrich your website with attractive elements and give an eye-catching look which visitor expects to see.  For example, if you are an Amazon product seller, then the product review content is the most important part of the website. The theme should have a nice layout for an upcoming product. If you are a photographer then you should look for a theme that focused on showing pictures.

6# Should be appropriate for future

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This topic plays a very important role in the process of choosing a wordpress theme. Because the way you organize the site today, it will not always be the same. Over time, many refinements and additions will be required. For example, most writers start writing primarily on their own blog. Later on increasing the number of readers, there is a need for various functional changes or refinements the site. So the theme should have the flexibility changes and able to meet your future requirements.

7# Be aware of color selection

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A color has the ability to build or break your site.  Surprised? Please don’t be, let me explain. The color is a very tricky object. It can affect a man’s mood and emotions. Even colors can play a big role in the success of your business website and brand-building. So you should choose such type of theme for your website and branding, which has numerous options for color choice. At least you should get the advantage of picking a color for the site that you prefer. Believe me; a bright, bold and eye-catching color will change your site towards the path of success.

8# Responsiveness is also important

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Just a few days ago, the responsiveness feature was not available in all types of WordPress themes. This feature was available in a handful of some special themes. But now for keeping pace with the need of time, this advantage is available in almost all types of themes. Currently, the use of Smartphone, tabs etc. has increased. People use these devices in most of their work. So if your chosen theme is not fully responsive then these devices will not be able to offer better support. So your newly selected best wordpress templates must be responsive. Good news is that this feature can increase the search engine ranking also.

9# Try to find lightweight theme.

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The present net worlds are filled with numerous WordPress themes, and you can see the huge advertisement of various featured themes. Though these all eye-catching feature heavy theme are very attractive, it will not be right for you. Being a beginner, you are badly advised to go for some lightweight themes and the main reason is they load faster. A feature-rich theme is really nice but most probably it can affect the overall site performance. Be careful! As the feature-rich themes can take much time to get uploaded, the visitor may leave your site being bothered.

10# Customization system

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As you are a beginner, let us inform you that the customization option of WordPress theme is completely dependent on the theme and its developers. Don’t be panic; theme customization is not a hard job at all. Usually, most of the themes offer a very easy customization feature which you can install within a few minutes without any basic knowledge of programming. You don’t need to touch the code; the feature will allow automatically personalizing the site according to your needs.

11# SEO friendly theme

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The best wordpress themes must be SEO friendly. If you want to get the most from your site then the used theme must be optimized for SEO. The meaning of that you have to include a valid HTML code which will work for you. You may not manage the job as you a beginner then ask the developer. It is important for your site to get a rank on Google search engine.  Before selecting the theme, look for the feature at the description list of theme. As the description list is not trustable all time, you should check out it manually.

12# Plugin capability is essential

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The best WordPress theme will be the one that can support all types of plugins. This is very important because if the theme does not support all the plugins then you cannot do all kind of work. Although the developers will tell you that the theme can support all plugins but it is not always true. Maybe some of them work well but not all. So while selecting the theme for your site, please make sure that it can give proper support the plugin you are trying to use or not. If you are going to use a paid version theme then must ask the developer about it.

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So, dear beginners don’t be hurry to choose the best WordPress themes. It’s not a quick job. Take your time to make short the list. Follow the above twelve tips for a successful search.  Remember that your site is not for one day use. So you may suffer year after year for any mistake or mischief. So it is vital to install a correct theme for your blog or site. We wish you a very good luck to find your best WordPress theme!

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